Kukes Cotton Chindi Rug

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Size: 3 x 5 Feet

Presenting the Kukes Cotton Chindi Rug – a seamless union of heritage and craftsmanship. Expertly fashioned by accomplished Indian artisans using age-old techniques and traditional looms, this 100% cotton rug boasts a timeless woven motif in subtle neutrals. Immerse your living space in the intricate blend of artistry and comfort woven into each strand. Select Kukes for an infusion of refined sophistication and cultural legacy into your home.


• Material: 100% Cotton

• Technique: Woven


• Production Time: 60 days

• Shipping Duration: 5-7 days via courier

• Lead times may vary for custom projects.

• Maximum lead time for custom projects: 120 days.

Thank you for your understanding as we work to create exceptional products tailored to your specifications. If you have specific inquiries, please contact our customer service team.

Care Instructions

• Expect unique variations in design, color, pattern, size, and weight in our artisanal rugs.

• Preserve the rug by avoiding excess heat, abrasion, and direct sunlight exposure.

• It's normal for the rug to shed fibers due to regular use; trim loose threads with scissors.

• Do not pull loose threads as it may lead to further damage.

• Gently remove dirt and debris using a dull instrument.

• For lasting beauty, consider professional cleaning when needed.

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