Nomme Wooden Bone Inlay Tray (Set of Two)

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The Wooden Bone Inlay Tray Set includes two beautifully crafted trays. Adorned with intricate bone inlay work, these trays are both stylish and practical, making them a delightful addition to your home decor.

• Material: Wood & Bone

• Finish: Bottom White Colour Finish

• Size in Inches: 16 W x 12 D x 2 H / 14 W x 10 D x 2 H


• 60 days production time + 30 days shipping (by sea)

Care Instructions

• Gently dust with a damp, lint-free cloth and finish with a dry cloth.

• Embrace natural characteristics like mineral deposits and veining.

• Avoid abrasive or harsh chemicals that can damage the finish.

•Refrain from using sharp objects on the surface to prevent scratches and damage.

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